We are proud to bring you a hydrogen fuel cell which converts hydrogen into electricity coupled with a Powertrain & Battery pack that is ready to be used in public transport buses with zero carbon footprint.

About Us

Sentient Labs – A R&D and Engineering Lab that is pursuing exciting innovative technology solutions. We develop cutting edge, highly efficient solutions for the automotive and mobility industry. Our objective is to develop technologies and offer them to the industry where they can be adopted for production. As an organization Sentient Labs has been incubated by
KPIT Technologies Ltd.


Technology for Hydrogen
Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

India's first indigenously developed Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology. HFC technology uses chemical reactions between hydrogen and oxygen to generate electrical energy, thus eliminating the use of fossil fuels. Further, the fuel cell technology emits only water, thus cutting down the emission of harmful greenhouse gases along with other air pollutants.

Our solution consists of:


A complete electric powertrain that includes the motor, batteries, battery management system, harnesses, and vehicle control algorithms. The electric powertrain is built to suit Indian driving conditions and is very efficient as compared to imported solutions.


A fuel cell stack


The Balance of Plant (BoP)


Hydrogen storage tank

Fully Developed Integrated Electric powertrain


Indian-made Powertrain with best-in-class energy efficiency.
All components confirm to "Make in India" Initiative.

In October 2020, we conducted successful trials of India’s first fuel cell vehicle


We believe that the hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) technology is more suited for public transportation . Conventional battery electric buses require a large battery to achieve the desired operating range. In comparison, HFC technology requires a much smaller battery for a very large operating range.

Our Technology is geared for buses and we will soon start trials of our Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus.

To address the challenge of Hydrogen availability and cost we have developed an innovative ecofriendly technology to generate Hydrogen from agricultural residue.

Hydrogen Generation by Anaerobic Digestion of Biomass

Sentient Labs and Agharkar Research Institute have developed a process of Anaerobic Digestion of Biomass for direct generation of Hydrogen. The technology uses agricultural residues such as rice straw, wheat straw, sugarcane tops, sugar industry waste such as pressmud and bagasse, food industry waste and dedicatedly cultivated biomass as input feed.

The process of Hydrogen generation through anaerobic digestion is like bio - methanation process which is a commercially matured technology for bio-CNG generation

Agricultural residue is lignocellulosic in nature and typically requires a thermochemical pre-treatment process to break down the lignocellulosic structure to make it amenable to microbial digestion. This technology developed by Sentient Labs and ARI has overcome this challenge. The technology comprises of a two-stage process which uses a novel microbial consortium extracted from a natural source. The process generates Hydrogen in the first stage, followed by methane in the subsequent stage, which further can be utilized to generate additional Hydrogen by steam methane reformation. The technology is thus 25% more efficient when compared to conventional anaerobic digestion processes.

The effluent of the process also is rich in nutrients and is an ideal organic fertilizer for plants. The undigested solids in the process can be used as soil conditioners which help in maintaining the fertility of the soil in fields.

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